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It's super simple - Your mining rigs are already set up and running. As soon as you've set up your account, you can start to mine your first coins using our Bitcoin cloud mining service!

Angelsinvestments is based in United state New York City and trusted by 2+ million customers worldwide

We provide hash rates of upto 1000 PH/s

Our mining hardwares are of the highest quality and are very efficient

Sufficient power supply to reduce cost of mining

Affordable mining plans

100% Turbo threshold (For all new and existing customers) New!

Earnings from 12% to over 70% per day

Instant withdrawals and In auto invest, once your accumulated profits gets over your current active plan which you started from, you are obligated to migrate to the next plan with at least minimum capital amount of the plan to continue enjoying your daily top up.

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  • Maximum:90USD
  • Profit / day:12% RIO
  • Profit / month:360% RIO
  • Profit / year:4,380% RIO
  • Withdrawal:Instant
  • Duration:24 Hours


  • Maximum:900USD
  • Profit / day:22% RIO
  • Profit / month:660% RIO
  • Profit / year:8,030% RIO
  • Withdrawal:Instant
  • Duration:24 Hours


  • Maximum:9,000USD
  • Profit / day:30% RIO
  • Profit / month:900% RIO
  • Profit / year:10,950.00% RIO
  • Withdrawal:Instant
  • Duration:24 Hours


  • Maximum:90,000USD
  • Profit / day:40.00% RIO
  • Profit / month:1,200.00% RIO
  • Profit / year:14,600.00% RIO
  • Withdrawal:Instant
  • Duration:24 Hours


  • Maximum:900,000USD
  • Profit / day:50.00% RIO
  • Profit / month:1,500% RIO
  • Profit / year:18,250.00% RIO
  • Withdrawal:Instant
  • Duration:1 Year


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Texas, - United state
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About Angelsinvestments

We (Angelsinvestments Board ) has decided to announce to you our involvement in trading and Bitcoin Mining but with perfect and money back guarantee process. We have put huge fortunes, efforts and rigorous researches studying this process for the past 17 years now trying our best to give you high quality standard services and after series of experiments with steady technological improvements and constant upgrade/update. With examination from our team of experts, building the best AI integrated bots and the best bitcoin Mining equipments/ facilities available in the world.
The Angelsinvestments mining warehouse facilities manufacture approximately 172 - 410 Bitcoin per day with over 93,000 computing servers running non-stop at speeds over 1000 PH/s, consuming over 65 MW of electricity each month and also distributing to other major mining facilities around the world. After manufacturing, we hold our bitcoin until the prices goes up and then we sell at higher rates to generate even more revenue - which is used to expand our operations and Service our investors.
The funds invested by our patrons are used to enhance and expand our operations and slightly to cover the electricity bills and maintain our mining facilities. Users receive mined coins based on their investments (Mining Plans/Profiles) regardless of how much is generated per day. Although sometimes we do not make much profit from our sales due to a fall in the price level of bitcoin or maybe as a result of our cloud server, yet we must make sure that all our investors makes the exact profit according their plan due to our bitcoin stack strategies over the years ( mining and stacking to sale at the right price, which in few years now we have accumulated over 88 million dollars worth of bitcoin) in that case we don’t sorely depend on the day to day mining percentage and price’s
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